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A selection of press praise for CodeHealer

"In brief, CodeHealer is not likely to appeal to amateur coders, but for anyone developing commercial quality software using Delphi, it would be an extremely valuable tool."

Huw Collingbourne - Bitwise Magazine May 2006 - CodeHealer 2.1 review

"How to find bugs in your code before your customers do ... a CodeHealer analysis only takes a few seconds to produce a report that you can use to determine the overall quality of your code."

"CodeHealer Project Metrics and Project Analysis reports can really help to improve the quality of your code, and increase the chance that you find potential bugs (and can fix them) before your customers find them."

"I can highly recommend the use of CodeHealer as a Quality Assurance utility to increase the quality (or at least the awareness) of your Delphi code."

Dr. Bob (Swart) - Dr. Bobís Delphi Programming Clinic - CodeHealer 2.0 review (Dec 2005)
                           The Developers Group Magazine Nov/Dec 2005 - CodeHealer 2.0 review

"With Blinkerís heritage, it automatically puts CodeHealer into an elite category worthy of consideration."

"CodeHealer has a responsive user interface that makes it a very pleasant application to use, it is fast too."

"Given that we know integration with automated build tools is imminent, CodeHealer should sit in your application build process very nicely indeed. Code verification using CodeHealer: it gets my vote."

Craig Murphy - The Delphi Magazine Issue 127 - CodeHealer 2.1 review (Mar 2006)

"CodeHealer is a very useful product, with many great features. It should be part of Delphi!"

"Working with it is surprisingly easy, which will make you use it a lot."

Johan Parent - Software Developer Network Magazine 88 - CodeHealer 2.1 review (Mar 2006)

A selection of user praise for CodeHealer

"CodeHealer is uncanny at uncovering subtle problems and ambiguities that other static analysis tools didnít pick up."

"The cheapest, fastest and easiest way to do a code review of an entire project."

Bruce McGee - Glooscap Software

"CodeHealerís fast scan and project analysis helps to point out potential problems in your code."

Bruno Sonnino - Revolution Software

"CodeHealer picks up where the Delphi compiler warnings and hints leave off. It can flag a number of subtle errors and ambiguities that no other tools I know of would catch. The depth and acuity of analysis in this tool bears great promise for even more unique functions in coming releases. As such, it can provide valuable contributions to code reviews, allowing reviewers to shift their focus to higher level issues."

"Unlike other static code analyzers, it also helps you fix the issues on-the-spot, instead of just leaving you with a long 'grumble list' which you have to export and fix manually in Delphi later. This saves quite a bit of time during major 'code cleanup' stints."

"Perhaps the best testimonial to CodeHealerís benefits is the performance of the tool itself - fast, reliable and rock stable; coded in Delphi, reviewed with CodeHealerís own analyses and tested with DUnit. Now thereís a confidence-inspiring combination!"

Kristofer Skaug - Satellite Services B.V

"Good informative and easy to use software with a simple interface design."

"... the export functionality is useful i.e. if a user does not have CodeHealer installed on their machine they can still view the reports created within CodeHealer using other software."

Paramjit Sehra - QBS Software Limited

"CodeHealer darns the holes in your code just like mother did to your socks!"

John Oates - SOCK Software UK

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